Customer Experience
  1. Why Is Customer Service Experience Important to an Organization?

    It costs significantly more to attract new customers than it does to take care of the ones you already have. In today’s cut throat business competition, it is vital to keep your customers coming back (customer loyalty). This not only helps you improve on your reputation but also makes you seem more attractive to new customers as well.

  2. How does one Provide Exceptional Service Experience?

    Good service starts with your attitude and employee training. After all, good service works from the top down, and employees who are specifically trained in the art of quality customer service are far more likely to represent your company in the way that ensures satisfaction and repeat business. Tips? Develop customer service policies, Hire well, Provide exceptional customer service training and Regularly survey your customers. That is why we are here for you.

  3. What's the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience?

    A lot of people use the terms Customer Experience and Customer Service interchangeably. However, Customer Experience (CX) is much more than service. It is a customer’s perception of a brand at every level of interaction and could be emotional, physical or even spiritual. Every customer has a different reaction to their interaction with a company. Customer Experience is thus a personal response. Customer Service on the other hand is what a company does in its attempt to increase customer satisfaction.  Companies that take Customer Experience seriously and understand its value, both short and long term, go out of their way to ensure that they have a Customer service strategy that meets all customer needs.

  4. How can superior customer service and experience help your business to grow?

    Customer experience is sometimes the only way a business can differentiate itself from its competitors.  It isn’t just about the way you greet and serve your customers.  It involves many aspects of business operations, including: products and services information, counter and face-to-face service, telephone service, taking customer orders, follow-up documentation, billing and managing payments, visiting the customer, making repairs, handling complaints, managing the service culture. It is all about providing an experience that is different from what the competitors offer. It has to positively stand out to the customers. The biggest challenge to most companies remains how to define and deliver this kind of experience. At Content CX Consulting, we help companies define, develop and evaluate their Customer Experience strategy.

  5. How can a company turn new customers into loyal customers?

    By focusing on creating amazing customer experiences and embodying the desire for your business to go above and beyond, you’re creating an advocate out of every consumer. In fact, did you know that 95% of people who had a bad experience are willing to give the brand another go if they know their issue has been dealt with correctly?Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools a company can wish for today. The truth is, 84% of consumers do not trust adverts anymore. People are now seeking third-party validation when making an online purchase.

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