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The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways

Customer Service Training & Learning

Through our world-class customer service training and learning programs, we build exceptional customer service staff and teams and help increase customer loyalty. As a NITA certified organization, we offer short courses and customized training workshops on customer service on:

1. Complaint resolution

This training is geared towards building effective complaint handling techniques and methodology. The objective of the training is to help cultivate a culture that seeks to improve customer satisfaction thus ensuring customer retention and

2. Service-based selling - Cross and Up selling

Content CX Consulting recognizes that successful companies always Cross and Up-sell in a bid to increase sales and give their customers the best possible solution. Our training in service-based selling (Cross and Up selling) aims to help your company employees’ focus their efforts on meeting the customer’s needs, rather than focus on pushing for more services and products.

3. Building customer loyalty, customer acquisition and retention

This training module aims at helping employees acquire skills that will help them deliver positive Customer Experience and customer satisfaction that will ensure customer loyalty

4. Emotional Intelligence

The aim of this module is to empower staff with the ability to identify and respond to customers’ emotions appropriately.

5. Managing customer expectations

The aim of this training is to help you develop long- lasting relationship with the customer and manage customer expectations consistently. The training will help your team acquire skills on building trust and deepening business relationships by monitoring, setting and influencing their expectations. The training will focus on managing customer expectations, determining customer expectations and clearly addressing them as well as leveraging the Pygmalion effect in your sales setting and customer service.

6. Brand representation

The objective of this training module is to help employees understand the link between the company brand and customer experience.

7. Exceptional Communication Skills

This module is aimed at developing and improving communication between employees and customers as well as amongst employees.

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