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Focusing on the customer makes a company more resilient


We offer customer service related solutions and fresh ideas through our comprehensive consulting services. We analyze your current culture and formulate solutions that you need in building your ideal organization.

1. Designing and improving customer’s voice

Content CX Consulting helps clients to drive the voice- of- customer insights within the company by designing the customer feedback and satisfaction indices, customized feedback reports and mechanisms. We further help in streamlining reports to what every organizational department can act upon. In addition, Content CX Consulting helps in incorporating customer feedback insights into your organization/company

2. Customer care best practices

Content CX Consulting has a database of best customer care practices in every sector. We help you establish the health of your customer care and offer customized services that would help scale- up customer experience through appropriate and best inputs.

3. Predictive analytics and ROI modeling

We help our clients in describing the consumer behavior by predicting consumer-trends and how it is changing with time. We base this on the company’s and external data in a bid to optimize customer interactions geared towards increasing return- on- investment. We therefore help in market predictive analysis and the underlying consumer behavioral analysis. We further help our clients in effective consumer data management that include consumer demographics, point of sale data and identify patterns, risks and opportunities presented by every customer relations approach.

4. Staff engagement

We do not just measure engagement, we create a cultural transformation. We help in moving employee engagement from a “check -the- box” activity to a crucial component of your organizational culture.

5. Customer experience design and strategy

We establish the nature of service-client interaction at all fronts in a company through surveys and research, which we use to design customized models.

6. Customer experience measurement tools and analysis

We help you effectively and efficiently monitor your brand, based on the customers’ voice. We therefore offer various social media monitoring tools that help track your brand as well as listening to customer-led conversation. We also offer new customer loyalty measurement tools.

7. Mystery shopping

We offer high-quality mystery shopping services by inspecting and evaluating success of brand standards in your target markets. Our programs evaluate the phone ordering processes, on-site location-level experiences, website experiences and contact center experiences.

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